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Authorised Economic Operator


What is it?

The purpose of Authorised Economic Operator is to both secure and facilitate legitimate supply chains by the formation of customs-trade partnerships, allowing customs authorities to focus on the lesser known traders operating within their jurisdiction. It was introduced to operate in line with the World Customs Organisation's SAFE Framework of Standards.

In the UK it is administered by HMRC


There are two categories of AEO status. A business entity can hold either one or both of these authorisations. They are:

AEO-C = Customs Simplifications

AEO-S = Safety and Security


Why apply for it?

  • Reduce  deferment account guarantees

  • Easier access to other customs authorisations

  • Reduced risk of non-compliance. 

You will need to demonstrate:

  • compliance in classification, valuation, entry checking, IT & documentation security and customs knowledge.

  • documented procedures covering these processes


Why apply for it?

  • reduce your risk score with HMRC

  • Fewer consignments selected for x-ray

  • Access to Mutual Recognition Agreements (MRAs) with partner countries such as the US and China, so export cargo can move more smoothly on arrival at destination ports and airports. 

You will need to demonstrate:

  • site security

  • control of supply chain suppliers,

  • physical checks undertaken on incoming or outgoing goods,

  • security training

  • HR checks. 

We can guide you through the whole process to successful accreditation with HMRC

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