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How can Incoterms® training be bespoke?

Bespoke Incoterms® training?

I was chatting to an associate of mine recently, discussing the #export related services we offer. How can Incoterms® training be bespoke they wanted to know. Surely Incoterms® are fixed terms that you just need to know, learn about and use appropriately? Well, the bespoke element comes from how we tailor the training to the client. So as part of the training for example we will look at the client's documentation from distributor agreements, export quotes, commercial invoices, supplier quotes and invoices. We will also discuss with the staff involved what they think of Incoterms® and whether they use them as part of a negotiation tool. In other words we won't just go through the ICC Incoterms® handbook with delegates, we will actually apply the training to your business and to the job roles of the delegates. That is why we tend to only provide training to one company at a time and in the client's premises rather than in a conference room to a variety of companies. We think bespoke is the way forward and our clients get more value from the #Incoterms® training! It seems to work well!

If you would like to benefit from some bespoke international trade training click here for more info.

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