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  • Jim Fanshawe

Take the S.T.O approach to export planning

If you're using this time to do some planning then focusing on your export development would be time well spent!

OK so I'm biased but if you want to #export more to counter the downturns in your domestic market, increase your innovation, enhance economies of scale, improve revenue or simply to interact more with counterparts in other countries then here are just a few #tips to help:

  1. Break your export plan down into bite-sized chunks. It's less daunting, helps allocate tasks and makes sure your plan is bespoke to your organisation. We use the S.T.O approach = Strategic, Tactical, Operational. To find out what's included in each of these sections give us a call or drop us an email

  2. Be realistic. Have an honest appraisal of what you resources are for export development in terms of people, knowledge, time and budget.

  3. Be a sniper not a scattergun. It is better to enter one or two markets really deeply than go for lots of markets spreading yourselves thinly.

  4. Create clear allocated Actions that each nominee is able to complete.

  5. Implement it!! OK so this sounds obvious but there are lots of well intended reports and plans languishing in drawers and on shelves that never get actioned as other events take over.

  6. Get help. If time, resource, or experience are not readily available to create and implement your plan then ask for help. You will be glad you did!

So, if your brilliant product or service deserves to be taken to the world then get in touch and we will gladly help you with your plan as well as implement it with you!

Let's get Britain exporting more!

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