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International Trade Training

Why choose us?

We start by listening to you. We don’t presume anything about your training needs until we’ve had a meeting with you.


We know our subjects and we know exporting. We are export managers and logistics specialists. Our international trade training is provided by a mixture of staff from Your Export Department Ltd and Wallis Shipping Services Ltd. The trainers most suitable for your requirements will be responsible for your training. 

We think the best way for you to learn is to apply the training into your job role. So wherever possible we use your company as the training scenario.

Training can be remote or, ideally, at your premises.

We like to build interaction into our training programme so that you can make relevance of the knowledge. We think this is a great way to learn.

Above all, we listen to you; because everybody has a different way of processing and retaining information. If your whole department is coming on a training session, we’ll speak to you all individually beforehand. Sometimes the quiet people get left out in group sessions; we include everyone.

There are several training providers in international trade. But we focus on writing bespoke training material for each client. The concept is basic and effective. Contact us at to discuss your requirements.

Which Subjects?

We make each course bespoke to you. Listed below is a range of subjects from which we write your material.


Our standard templates cover the essentials and we then adapt these to reflect your needs, taking pieces from each subject and amalgamating them into your training session.

This is a huge benefit. You are trained according to your requirements, rather than hear about things you already know, which means simpler, faster more effective training for you.

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